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Good news again for overseas market: NHI successfully signed Kazakhstan oxidation pellet project equipment contract


Taking advantage of the success of the Overseas Agents Conference, good news for overseas market keeps pouring in. Following the Mahafero project in India, Sales Company has made continuous efforts and successfully signed the order of equipment for Kazakhstan FCL oxidation pellet plant with an annual output of 600,000 tons. The project includes grate, rotary kiln, ring cooler, disc feeder and related auxiliary equipment. The total contract price is 5.5 million USD. It has written a new chapter for the recovery and development of the international market.

In order to win the bidding, a marketing technology consortium formed between Sales Company and Design and R&D Company. They understood thoroughly the opponent's technical solutions; showed the company's outstanding manufacturing strength and deep technical foundation based on the knowledge of themselves and their adversaries. International Business Division 3 salesperson Ms. QuJing modified agreement details during the two months time, and in the hot sun, went back and forth from the Bank and the jobsite, under the group's strong support and the guidance of the company, assisting the owner in financing from a local bank, impressed the users with sincere attitude and diligent working style, finally signed a contract price with 25% higher than the low-price competitors.

Before the mixed ownership reform, the overseas market of the company was once troubled by problems such as capital, letter of guarantee and performance of contract, which made the company's development difficult and unsustainable. The company was unable to obtain orders in the increasingly prosperous international market, which made the business of the company which was already in extreme difficulty even worse. After the mixed ownership reform, under the group's full support, the company clears up all kinds of obstacles of overseas market development. By integrating all the resources, businesses, functions and personnel of import and export business, giving full play to the advantages of mixed ownership, injecting capital, restructuring the system, sorting out the institutions, and introducing a flexible, efficient, fair and just market system and mechanism, a major reform of "rebirth" has been realized.

The international business team of the Sales Company took multiple measures to "restore vitality" and restart orders. Company management at all levels pay attention to top-level design, lead the team for high-frequency visits, strengthen close contact with overseas agents and old and new customers, widely publicize the good development trend of the enterprise, and actively restore the market reputation; To strengthen the global business layout, for the key countries and regions with low comprehensive risks and strong competitive advantages of products, the business personnel adopt hands-on approach, dig deep into the market, take the initiative, start from the trivial matters, start from the services, start from the spare parts, consolidate the foundation of cooperation, and expand market influence; The third Overseas Agents Conference of NHI was grandly held, attended by more than 40 overseas agents from 16 countries to renew friendship, discuss plans and seek the future with the agents, so as to restore the cooperation confidence of agents. Fully learn from the successful market development experience of excellent foreign trade enterprises, find gaps in benchmarking, strengthen weak links in detail; Two-way selection method is adopted to optimize the building of the department, streamline the staff, and make the sales force more centralized and balanced. Create good working atmosphere, attract outstanding talents to return, enrich the foreign trade talent team.

The international business of the company has been developing rapidly. The signing of the two overseas equipment orders has greatly boosted the morale of the sales staff, strengthened the confidence of developing the market, and spread the positive brand influence, which has laid a foundation for the formation of a good situation in which both overseas and domestic markets go hand in hand as soon as possible. NHI this equipment manufacturing giant ship is ready to fight the wind and waves, sail in the great success of the overseas market, and continue to harvest the joy of victory!